Other Half (Book 2)

Now that Darrien has solved the mystery of her creation, and her demented father is dead, she only wants some semblance of a normal life.  As normal as possible considering she is a half-vampire and her very existence is a violation of vampire law. 
In the sequel to Half Life, Darrien’s biggest fear is realized when the Council finds her.  But, instead of an instant death sentence she is forced into a terrible agreement in exchange for her freedom.    
While Darrien and Blake prepare for battle, they begin to hope for a future together without the fear of discovery.  However, not everyone in Darrien’s family is on board with a future that includes Blake. 
As if being pitted against a lethal killer isn’t enough, now Darrien needs to deal with family pressures, an unexpected friend on the Council, and college finals.
Will Blake and Darrien’s dream of leading a normal, quiet life ever come true or will someone succeed in pulling them apart?
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