Half Life (Book 1)

Shy and reclusive, Darrien Jenkins thought the hardest thing about starting college would be making friends. After growing up with a paranoid mother who constantly moved from town to town with her and her two older brothers, Darrien is determined to stay in one place long enough to become emotionally invested in another person. Although this sounds like a simple goal, it becomes even more difficult to realize, as she is faced with new and unusual abilities that seem out of her control. 

Only one person, the stunning vampire Blake Stevens, steps up to become her friend and explain the unexplainable. That Darrien is a rare hybrid being whose very life is prohibited by an authority she never knew existed.  

As Darrien and Blake work together to keep her identity a secret, and unravel the mystery of how she came to be, they also begin to discover their true feelings for one another. Darrien is forced to question her entire past, where no one is who she thought they were . . . not even herself.

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