Missing Half (Book 3)

School was almost over for the semester.  I was all caught up from the work I missed during our honeymoon, and I was ready for finals.  I only needed to make it through tests for the next two days, and then Blake and I would have the whole summer to do whatever we wanted to do. 

Towards the end of chemistry my phone vibrated with a text.  It was Blake. The text said, “I’m outside.  C U after class.”  My heart skipped a beat.  I wondered if I would still react this way after I was married to Blake for two hundred years.  I left class, barely able to walk at a human pace. 

Blake smiled when he saw me.  He was wearing a dress shirt and a pair of jeans.  He towered over the other people on the sidewalk as he walked towards me. 

I was smiling at him too, until I saw the town car with the blacked out windows behind him. That was Peter’s car.  I sniffed the air and stopped walking.  Pot and fruit loops.  Mathias.  I could feel the smile melt away. 

Blake could see the worry on my face, so he closed the ten feet between us and hugged me.  “It’s okay.”  He rubbed my back.  “You don’t have another crazy relative or anything.”  He looked down at me and smiled reassuringly.  I felt better.

“I do have to go away for a couple days, though.”  He frowned and touched my face.  “I’ve been summoned by Peter.”  He said the word ‘summoned’ as if it were degrading.

“Can I come with you?  I can skip my next class, it won’t take long for me to pack.”  I couldn’t imagine being apart for a couple days.

Blake pulled me further away from the car.  “I have to go before the Council to testify regarding Apollon’s death.  They have apprehended some of Allistar’s followers and they are being tried.”

“Then it should be me that testifies.  I killed her, not you,” I reasoned, while he shook his head.

“Darrien, I don’t want you near the Council right now.  I know they honored you at the Festival, but there have been requests made to the Council for permission from other vampires to create their own half-vampires. Peter loves you like a daughter.  He has been insisting that the Council made an agreement with you and therefore they can not destroy you.  But, at some point he worries the Council will be forced to act.  While the Council knows you personally are not a danger, they can’t tell other vampires it’s illegal and punishable by death to create a Half, while they openly acknowledge you.”

“They’ll kill me?” I whispered.  I had met most of the people on Council. To think they would have me killed because it would make their lives easier.  I knew I hated politics!

Blake hugged me.  “No.  Peter would never allow that.  They would just make it look like they killed you and then we would move.  Not a big deal.”  He smiled very convincingly but I could feel the worry radiating out of him.  I smiled back just as convincingly.

“I could still come and hide out in the hotel,”  I begged.

“Darrien, you have finals tomorrow.  How many times do you want to sit through this?  At this rate, you’re going to spend your whole life in college, and for you that’s a very, very long time,”  he laughed.

I pouted.  I didn’t always appreciate Responsible Blake, especially when he was right.

“I will only be gone two nights.  I’ll call you and talk to you until you fall asleep.  You can’t possibly miss me as much as I’m going to be missing you, because you’re only a Half,”  he teased as he put his hand on my chin and pulled my face up to look at meet his lips. “Just think how great it will be when I get home,” he said suggestively.

I laughed.  “It better be really, really great,” I joked.

He kissed me for a long time before I walked him back to the car.  He opened the passenger door and I said a quick hello to Mathias.  He just made a noise I couldn’t interpret.

“Hurry back,”  I whispered to Blake. “I love you.”

“When I get back, I have a surprise for you,” Blake chuckled against my neck.  “I love you.”

“No, you love to torture me!”  I kidded.

“See you in two days,”  he jumped in the car with a devious smile.  I kissed him one more time through the open window, and Mathias pulled away.  I watched the car until it turned behind a building and then I headed to my next class.  Two days seemed like forever.


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