The Mistake

Tyler Weston is a good guy who always tries to do the right thing.  When he gets his best friend pregnant at the age of eighteen, he can’t help but think it is the worst thing that could have ever happened.  especially since he is heading off to college and has finally started dating the girl of his dreams. 

Instead of enjoying the ease of responsibilities before college, he’s now faced with the most crucial decision on his life.  To do the right thing, or lose everything he had ever wanted.

As he takes strides towards the life he hadn’t planned, he begins to realize how blind he’d been to what really mattered.  How the path we choose isn’t always better than the path that chooses us.  He finds peace and happiness with the family and life he never knew he wanted. 

But, even eighteen years later, he still occasionally wonders what would have happened if he’d gone down that other path. 

When a chance encounter presents him with the opportunity to be with his dream girl again, he finds out some dreams are just nightmares in pretty packages. 

Now that he realized just how wonderful his life had been, is it too late to get it back?