The Contract

The ContractTheContract

Curtis Reed has walked the planet for as long as mortals have existed—and maybe even longer—though he can’t remember. His mission has always been to live among mortal humans and—with the help of his celestial assistant—to fulfill contracts to expedite their deaths. After centuries of keeping a low profile, Curtis has grown bored. To make things more interesting he has reinvented himself in his current life as a movie star, hoping overindulgence will distract him from the boredom of fulfilling contracts. But celebrity has its own issues—such as being recognized in public, never having a moment to himself, and the constant intrusion into his personal life. On one such occasion, Daniella Thomas comes to Curtis’ rescue, allowing him to escape in her truck so he can escape a bus full of fans. He sees Dani as a sad, beautiful angel sent to save him from his own stupid ego. He finds her to be interesting in a way he’s never felt before. After losing her husband in a fatal accident, she has become that rare mortal who is aware of just how short life is. But romance with a mortal is forbidden. As much as he tries to stay away, Curtis finds himself drawn back to Dani. While he struggles to find a way to keep her and his secrets, he discovers that Dani has secrets of her own. Desperate to have Dani in his life, no matter how briefly, Curtis faces an unknown punishment for falling in love with a mortal. But whatever his fate, it’s a small price to pay for love. Available for download on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, and Liquid Silver Books



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