Fighting Fate

Though she was raised on a cattle ranch in Montana, Cara Doyle is now a hardened wedding consultant for a cut-throat firm in New York City. After being exposed to the ugly truths of the bridal industry, as well as living through her own personal tragedies, she is determined to stay clear of every form of love.

A strange turn of events sends her to Ireland to plan a wedding for famous singer.  While searching the countryside for the perfect castle for her client, Cara finds herself on the charming Fergus Isle. 

Cara’s plan to avoid emotional intimacy is put to the test when she meets shy and sexy, castle owner, Owen Donnelly.  As the two work together to pull off the most influential wedding in the firm’s history and save Owen’s castle from foreclosure, they step dangerously close to the line that defines casual romance from enduring love. 

Torn between respecting Cara’s wishes for emotional distance, while also knowing she was sent to the island by magic and fate, Owen eventually breaks down and shares the secret of his existence and his feelings for Cara.

Still unable to accept the idea of love or fate, Cara flees Ireland to go back to New York and reality.  However, fate has no limitations on distance, nor is it deterred by defiance.  It’s not long before Cara feels herself being pulled back to Fergus Isle, and back to Owen. But, will it be too late?