Atlanta to Atlantis

Renna has been angry with Eli since they were kids, but she puts that aside to help tutor him so he can graduate.  During their time together Renna starts to let the walls fall down and realizes she might have actually have feelings for him.

But, just like when they were children his rejection catches her off guard and she finds herself putting up the walls of hate again, this time while on their senior trip in Greece. 

As she tries to get away from Eli and the pain he causes when he’s near she falls into the water below and washes up in a strange exotic world.

The beautiful tropical island has a prince who cares for her and mermaids to wait on her hand and foot.  In fact, Atlantis could be paradise if it wasn’t for the fact that Elias jumped in to save her and washed up there too.

While they work together to get back home they are brought close again, but what will happen when they get back to Atlanta?


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